A face-to-face initial consultation with you and your child will include the following:

  • Discussion as to what you would like to achieve from the consultation, clarification of the reasons for referral and any specific concerns you may have
  • A full growth assessment of your child will be undertaken when possible and plotting these on relevant growth charts. Also hip to weight ratio, mid arm muscle circumference or anthropometric measurements may be taken
  • Any medical factors that are having an impact on your child’s nutritional intake will be discussed
  • A comprehensive review of your child’s diet will take place using diet history, food diary etc
  • Nutritional requirements based on age, weight, height and medical conditions will be calculated
  • Nutritional goals will be set to meet your child’s life style, age and cultural background
  • Any nutritional formulae or supplements that will benefit your child may be recommended and a prescription request will be prepared for your GP/ Consultant Should your child require referral to other services e.g. Speech and Language Therapy/ Occupational Therapy/ Gastroenterologist we will be able to arrange this for you

A follow up consultation will include:

  • Repeat full reassessment of growth and expected parameters for age
  • Dietary assessment using a seven-day food diary
  • Any difficulties encountered will be dealt with, further goals and advice will be provided
  • Discussion if any further input will be required and how this will take place

Online consultation:

On certain occasions online consultations may be provided. This will depend on reason for the referral and other factors including distance to travel etc. This will be discussed on an individual basis. Please make contact to receive further information with this regard.

If you do have a simple question however then why not email a query, we would be happy to hear from you.
Email: info@harleydietitians-co-uk.webbang.co.uk